Anodized Aluminum Tags and Labels

Anodized Aluminum nameplates are durable and affordableAnodized Aluminum tags offer an outstanding combination of durability, affordability, and readability. The anodizing process protects Aluminum from corrosion while dye can be added to permanently turn the metal any color.  Laser engraving leaves and sharp, durable white mark that can show the finest details. 

Incredible detail is possible on Anodized Aluminum

The picture to the right shows the level of detail possible.  We are able to put our logo on anodized aluminum and maintain detail in an area far smaller than a dime.

From our shop in Houston, TX we strive every day to make sure our Anodized Aluminum tags are of the highest possible quality.  Don't trust the safety and security of your people and equipment to just any tag!

Our Anodized Aluminum tags are made in the USA, UV stable and rated for indoors or out.  We use a fiber laser engraver to offer outstanding contrast, extreme details and a lasting mark.

Finally, we use high quality 3M adhesive or 316 SS screws to ensure our tags stay where you put them.

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