Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is an extremely durable way to mark just about anything.  Tags and panels made from Stainless Steel are made to last and look great for years to come. 

From our shop in Houston, TX we strive every day to make sure our Stainless Steel tags, nameplates and panels are of the highest possible quality.  Don't trust the safety and security of your people and equipment to just any tag!

We start our process with high quality, 316 Stainless Steel. We then offer several different engraving methods to suit your application and budget. 


Cermark is an extremely durable surface marking. Because it creates a permanent, UV resistant mark without damaging or changing the underlying material, it is a great way to mark critical parts without altering their physical properties or strength. This makes it a very popular in the aerospace industry. 

Another option is to create white marks by engraving the metal with a high powered fiber laser. This removes the top layer of steel and is an economical and durable way to mark stainless.

Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Panels and Switch PlatesDeep engraving and paint filling is the most durable method we offer for engraving into stainless steel. Steel is removed deep enough to create a cavity that is then filled with paint. We use a high quality outdoor rated paint. Even after years of outdoor use when the paint inevitably fades, the deep mark into the stainless steel will remain.  Tags like these are likely to outlast whatever equipment it is attached to.

Lastly, we use high quality 3M adhesive or 316 SS screws to ensure our labels stay where you put them.


Please contact us for a custom quote, or you can explore some of our most popular offerings below.